Shobit University


Shobhit University aims to create a conducive, enabling academic climate to facilitate integration of the younger generation into the logic of the present system and to develop educational means by which men and women deal critically and creatively with reality and discover how to participate in the transformation of their world.

What kind of University are we?
Some universities are rooted in the past. At Shobhit University, we look to the future and believe in innovation; a vibrant, forward-thinking university with a reputation for high-achievers; students, academics and researchers. And as you make the big decision as to where you would like to spend your university years, there are specific things you might like to know about us.
We’re modern
We’re not an ‘ancient’ university and wouldn’t want to be. What excites us is providing quality teaching and research that makes a difference to the world – today and tomorrow. In fact we are better than the best in many ways and have innovated the very essence and methods for knowledge dissemination through Open Source Learning Centre & the Virtual Library.
We’re practical
Across all our Schools, we have a reputation for ‘being pragmatic by equipping and orienting you with the practical approach to face the emerging challenges’. Our courses are geared towards delivering genuine practical value and our close links with business provide brilliant opportunities for our students to get their careers off to a great start. We think globally but act locally.
Kick-start your career
Our University is known as ‘the place of gainful learning’. Although our ethos go back to the times of our inception, as NICE Society, in the year 1989 but now it is more relevant than ever before. We recognize that when you choose to study for a degree, you will have expectations of what does this mean. You would like to expand your horizons. You look forward to enhance your career. No doubt you shall want your degree to be useful and your personality to be head and shoulders above the rest with a little help from our finishing school.
Giving you the edge
Our priority is to help you develop the skills that employers truly value. Whichever course you choose to study, these skills will include information management, problem-solving, communication and teamwork. These are the skills that will give you a genuine edge in your future career. It’s this focus that sets us apart from many other universities that culminated in the launch of our International Skills Development Centre Initiatives (ISDC).
Brilliant learning environment
We invest heavily in our teaching and learning facilities so that you can make the most of your university experience. We have been teaching for more than 21 years, but our faculty is much more senior. Well-known experts, media guru, scientists and leading business figures will be mentoring programs. Best of all, we provide you with support and guidance throughout your studies; to cap it all our Ignited Minds Lectures Series will provide you the opportunity to interact with the best minds of the country from India and abroad.
World-class IT facilities
All our students have access to excellent IT resources and latest audio visual aids. We have a number of computer laboratories containing more than 500 computers. We provide network connectivity throughout the campus. There are also hot-spots across the University allowing Wi-Fi network access when and where you need it.
Superb sports facilities
Students who enjoy sport and to keep fit will love the facilities at Shobhit University. Our Centre for Sport and Recreation includes a cardiovascular suite and numerous other facilities including squash, badminton, weight training and fitness classes. For lovers of outdoor sports facilities ranging from athletics to football are available to choose from. It doesn’t end there. There are a number of clubs, adventure sports and volunteer opportunities to join – making new friends is never difficult at Shobhit University.


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