About Us

About Us


Premium Education International Centre (PEI Centre) is a fully registered company with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in 2007 (RC 692972) and has since being in operations. The company’s corporate objective is to carrying on educational services in Nigeria.

PEI Centre is approved and endorsed as a leading education company by the Lagos State Agency for Mass Education.  The company is founded and managed by seasoned educationists and professionals.

Mission Statement

PEI Centre aims to bring to every individual access to quality and globally recognised academic and professional qualifications for study at their convenience, enabling individuals despite their circumstances and schedule to realise their dream of achieving academic and career excellence thereby transforming them to world class professionals and leaders. We build strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients and help our clients make the correct decisions regarding their education and career goals.


Our vision is to be the result oriented leader in local and overseas education consultancy in Nigeria by guiding young minds. We earn our reputation through performance driven culture that uses matrix to ensure continuous improvement by creating an atmosphere of optimism, team work and resourcefulness.

Management Team

Barbara U. Ukpabi (LLB; LLM, MSc, ICSA, SEM- ICSN)

She is the founder and centre manager of Premium Education International Centre (PEI Centre). Barbara is a Lawyer, and UK trained Management and Education consultant with experience spanning over ten (10) years across various business sectors including a prestigious UK University, a London Law firm, a renowned global financial services institution and 2 multinational telecommunications companies.

Armed with a sound education, passion for education and an un-daunting social entrepreneurial spirit, Barbara aims at delivering education solutions via organized and internationally certificated self learning, taught programmes and training courses to empower the young students and professionals. Her passion and commitment are geared towards building lifelong capacity development in individuals to help them realise their career goals.

Alex Ogundadegbe (PGD; MA; CMD; SEM – ICSN)

Alex is a keynote speaker, management consultant and trainer with a passion for the development of the work force in Africa. His personal philosophy is “Optimum Performance!” and he believes that planted in the DNA of every human being are the potentials for production and excellence.  His passion has enabled him engage in educational pursuits which include a Masters Degree in Adult Education and Business Management from the Wisconsin University College in Accra, Ghana; a bachelor’s degree in English and Litrary studies from the old Ondo State University in Ado Ekiti and a Post Graduate Diploma from the Nigeria Institute of Journalism in Lagos.

Over the years Ogundadegbe has attended and facilitated several workshops and training seminars both as trainee and trainer. He currently consults as a trainer at the Carrington Heritage Centre for Professional Development (CHCPD) and the Premium Educational International Institute (PEICentre) all based in Nigeria. He is a certified trainer and examiner for The Institute of Customer Service of Nigeria (ICSN). He was also involved in the establishment of the Institute for Retirement Management in Abuja where he played the role of publicity director, programme designer and facilitator.

Over a period spanning twenty five years, Ogundadegbe has been facilitating and teaching at various training programmes in different parts of Africa. His core strengths are Customer Service, Marketing and Sales Strategy, Human Resources Management, Advanced Communication (Writing and Speaking Skills). He has also been involved in strategic planning worshops and goal setting seminars as well as keys for achieving improvement in skill sets for managers across various sectors of the economy.

Ogundadegbe comes from a background of Journalism and broadcasting, so he is a stickler for factual analysis and evidence in debates and presentations.